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Defense Against Federal Drug Charges

The federal government has dedicated vast financial and law enforcement resources to the war on drugs, with a special focus on high-level drug crimes involving interstate drug trafficking.

Prosecutors often can choose whether to bring charges in state or federal court, even if the crime crossed state or national borders. They typically look at the amount of prison time the convicted person could be sentenced to in the various courts and choose the one with the greatest possible sentence.

Defense Against All Drug Charges

The advent of the Internet has brought new types of drug crimes at both the national and international level.

  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug smuggling
  • Operating an illegal online pharmacy
  • Illegal reshipping of drugs purchased online

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For more than 20 years, the Utah federal drug crime defense attorneys at Greg Smith and Associates have been fighting to protect the rights of people facing drug charges in federal court. Our lead attorneys have prosecutorial and law enforcement experience. We have successfully tried cases in state and federal criminal courts as well as appeals courts. You can feel confident knowing that we are well-prepared to handle your case.

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