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Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorneys.

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Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Compassionate Legal Help for People Facing Criminal Charges in Utah

The Salt Lake City criminal law attorneys at Greg Smith and Associates offer a full array of criminal defense services to residents of Salt Lake City and surrounding communities in Utah. Clients with high-stakes criminal cases know they can rely on us in their fight to obtain the most favorable outcome in their criminal case.

If you are facing felony or misdemeanor charges in state or federal court for a violent crime, sex crime, drug crime or any other crime, contact the Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyers at our firm. Your initial consultation is free. Call 801-641-3397. We serve clients in Salt Lake City and throughout the state of Utah.

Thorough, Effective Defense Against All Criminal Charges

Our lead attorneys have prosecutorial experience, and one has trained police officers. You can feel confident knowing that we are well-prepared to handle your case. We understand how criminal cases are investigated, charged and brought to court. This helps us build effective legal strategies to protect our clients from criminal conviction. We have excellent reputations with prosecutors. Our credibility goes a long way in helping us in negotiations when that is in our client’s best interest in cases involving:

  • Violent crimes causing injury or death, including:
    • Murder, manslaughter and assault
    • Weapons offenses and gun crimes
    • Sex crimes, from statutory rape to possession of child pornography
    • Domestic violence and child abuse, violation of a protective order and stalking
    • Kidnapping

You Have Rights — We Protect Them

When you work with our firm, we will explain your rights and the defense options available to you. Can you petition to reduce the charges or enter a plea agreement? Is an alternative sentence or treatment program an option? Should you cooperate with a grand jury investigation or refuse to speak? How will a criminal conviction affect your immigration status or your job or security clearance status?

We will thoroughly review the details of your case to advise you how your defense options will affect your life today and into the future, so that together we can achieve the best outcome for your particular circumstances.

Contact Our Utah Criminal Law Attorneys

When your future is at stake, it is important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. Arrange a free initial consultation with a lawyer at Greg Smith and Associates by contacting us online or calling 801-641-3397.

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