Third Party Accomplice Defense

Defending Those Charged With Guilt By Association

Prosecutors often look to increase their convictions by filing conspiracy or “accomplice, third party” charges against anybody associated with an individual charged with a serious felony crime. This is especially true in cases involving fraud, embezzlement and money laundering charges connected to drug crimes.

But knowing the primary defendant or having your name come up during the police investigation does not make you guilty of a crime. You should not be facing criminal charges because of this.

If you are under investigation by the police because you have been named as an accomplice to a crime in Utah, we cannot stress enough the importance of getting experienced, knowledgeable legal defense on your side, as soon as possible.

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Protecting Your Rights In Court

Do not answer any questions for police investigators until you have an attorney from Greg Smith and Associates on your side. Senior attorney Greg Smith has more than 20 years of legal experience in the area of criminal law. This vast experience allows him to effectively represent clients in all types of criminal cases. He knows when the prosecutor has stepped beyond the limits of his or her role and when the evidence does not support the charges being brought against you.

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