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Fraud, embezzlement and similar white collar crime charges sometimes result from misunderstandings or bookkeeping errors. Other times, it turns out that the person convicted of a white collar crime was desperately trying to deal with another out-of-control life circumstance such as a gambling addiction or drug addiction.

The attorneys at Greg Smith and Associates handle cases involving fraud and a variety of other white collar crimes, including:

It is important to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as you realize that you are being investigated or accused of any white collar crime. These crimes can severely damage your professional reputation and make it hard to find work in the future.

Contact one of our business crime defense attorneys by emailing us or calling 801-641-3397. The sooner we become involved in a case, the more time we have to investigate the facts and strengthen your defense.

Contract Dispute? Or Fraud?

Fraud allegations are sometimes a convenient way for people engaged in business with others to try to rescue some value from a business deal that “went bad.” The “wronged party” accuses the other of fraud as a way to use government prosecutors as bill collectors. The complaining witness assumes or expects that restitution will be part of a deal struck by the prosecution and the accused — resulting in recovery of at least some of the value that was allegedly lost through the bad deal.

Are You the Target of a Grudge?

Did a business partner attempt to use the criminal justice system as a weapon against you after a purchase or sale agreement that the other party soon regretted? This is but one of various white collar crime scenarios that bring clients to our door at the law offices of Greg Smith and Associates, in need of skillful criminal defense.

To speak with one of our attorneys about your case, feel free to call us at 801-641-3397 or email us any day of the week, night or day.

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