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Have You Been Charged With Violating a Protection Order?

Did you run into your estranged spouse or ex-boyfriend/girlfriend at a parent-teacher conference, a coffee shop or a shopping mall? Did that accidental meeting trigger a chain reaction and now you are facing criminal charges for violation of a protection order?

Maybe you called or emailed your child’s parent because you needed to change plans regarding visitation. A vindictive ex can use that telephone or computer communication to charge you with violation of a restraining order.

Maybe your ex saw someone who “looked like you” drive by the house, or attributed hang-up phone calls to you. Now it’s his/her word against yours. It may be an exaggeration or a complete fabrication, but regardless of how unfair it is, your rights and freedom are now at risk.

Serious Criminal Charges Need a Serious Defense

Violation of a protection order is a serious offense. The penalties for “stalking” can be severe. You need a strong defense. Contact a Salt Lake City restraining order violation lawyer at Greg Smith and Associates to schedule a free consultation. Contact us online or call us at 801-651-1512.

We have your best interests in mind at all times. If there is an economical way to resolve the charge of violating a protection order, we will recommend that route. If more aggressive action is needed, we will protect your rights in court.

  • Call immediately and we can arrange to post bail.
  • We can interview witnesses who can confirm whether you were or were not present and whether the contact was accidental.
  • We can negotiate with the prosecution to have charges reduced or dropped by presenting any mitigating circumstances that might have led to an accidental violation of a protection order.

Contact a Utah Order of Protection Violation Attorney

Whether you have been the victim of false child abuse allegations or domestic violence charges of violating a protection order, or if you were accused of stalking or unwanted contact through phone calls, emails or text messages, we can help. Contact a Utah order of protection violation attorney by calling 801-651-1512.You can also contact us online.

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