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Child Endangerment and Neglect Defense in Utah

Somebody once said it is better to be accused of murder than child abuse because the system will at least give an accused murderer a fair shake. A person accused of child abuse feels like he or she really is alone against the world.

We understand. Other people may be judging you, but we won’t. At the Utah law office of Greg Smith and Associates, we make sure no client faces the powerful arm of the law without an equally powerful defense. We have your best interests in mind at all times.

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Utah Criminal Charges Relating to Child Abuse

Child abuse: While child abuse charges cover all the expected actions — such as striking, slapping or burning a child — there are a number of other actions that the law also considers to be abusive. Technically, you do not actually have to inflict injury to be charged with and convicted of child abuse.

  • You can be found guilty of child abuse if you allow someone else to cause physical injury to a child in your care.
  • Assaulting a family member in front of a child is considered a form of child abuse, and you can be charged with domestic violence in the presence of a child.

Child endangerment: This charge can be brought if a child is found to be in a dangerous situation, such as when a child is locked in a hot car on a sunny day or when a child is exposed to illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia. Under Utah’s Endangerment of a Child or Elder Adult Statute, you could face third-degree felony charges if a child is present in a house with illegal drugs and up to a first-degree felony charge if a child (anyone under 18) ingests a drug and dies.

Abuse or neglect of a disabled child: Utah has a separate law regarding the abuse or neglect of a disabled child, and it includes medical neglect for failing to provide appropriate medical care.

Child abandonment: Child abandonment means failing to make reasonable arrangements for the safety, care and custody of a child or intentionally failing to provide a child with food, shelter or clothing.

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