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We will help you get through bankruptcy successfully. 

Utah Bankruptcy Attorneys

Bankruptcy Lawyers in Utah

We typically will beat any other lawyer’s price, and we have successfully handled nearly 2,000 bankruptcies for Utah residents, so rest assured you have tremendous experience on your side when you go with us.

So, if your bills are out of control, and you have creditors breathing down your neck, contact us now – we can get you help quickly.

We understand you may have lost your job, been sued, or have high medical bills that you cannot pay.

We can help stop a repossession, a garnishment, or even a home foreclosure. 

To jump on things, start with the following:

  1. Make a list of everybody you money to (the amount, the account number, etc.).
  2. Get us your pay-stubs for the past 240 days (8 months) – contact your employer.
  3. Get us your tax returns for the past 4 years – contact the IRS at 1-800-908-9946, and make sure your state returns were filed, too (often a tax preparer will overlook filing state taxes for you).
  4. Make a list of everything you own (including possible lawsuits you may have against others).
  5. If you have a tax return coming to you, do NOT spend that money before consulting with an attorney.

Make sure these things are complete. For example, if you do not disclose a potential lawsuit, like a personal injury, and then you sue, the person you sue will try to get your lawsuit dismissed because you failed to put that on your bankruptcy.

Why should I hire and trust you guys?

The vast majority of our clients love us because we strive to answer all calls, texts and emails the same day. If you like good communication, you will love how responsive we are.

Typically, we do NOT charge a retainer. In other words, you can just pay as you go. After all, if we expect you to trust us, we figure we should trust you. This means if you ever decide you want to part ways with us, which you can do at any time and for any reason, we don’t have your money!

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and a five out of five star rating with Avvo. Also, have been in business for literally decades, and have handled more divorces and child custody issues than just about any other law firm in Utah (we lost track of how many we’ve handled years ago).

We are nice and friendly.

Our location just off 5600 South State is super accessible, and we have great parking.

We like to chit chat. In other words, we like to see you as a friend, not a “client.” In fact, we often meet our clients at restaurants.

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