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Salt Lake City Drug Crime Lawyer

Defense Against Drug Crimes and Possession Charges

Since 1993, the criminal defense attorneys at Greg Smith and Associates have been fighting to protect the rights of people accused of drug and alcohol-related crimes in Salt Lake City and surrounding communities in Utah. Whether you are facing a first-offense DUI charge or drug distribution charges in federal court, we are prepared to handle your case.

Our lead attorneys have prosecutorial experience, and one was even a police officer trainer. We understand how criminal cases are investigated, charged and brought to court. We use that knowledge to build an effective legal defense.

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Salt Lake City Drug Crimes Law Firm

The government has been waging a war on drugs for more than 20 years. It has resulted in thousands of lives ruined by the stigma of a drug crime conviction for even simple possession or a lengthy prison sentence for more serious drug crimes. Our SLC drug crimes defense law firm represents clients facing these and other criminal charges in Utah drug courts:

Utah DWI Defense Attorneys

If you are pulled over and your Breathalyzer or blood alcohol test result is .05 or higher, you are facing criminal charges for drunk driving, and you are in serious trouble. This became .05 or higher in December 2018. Whether it’s your first DUI offense or you are a repeat offender now facing possible prison time, you can count on the Utah DWI defense attorneys at Greg Smith and Associates.

We represent clients in Department of Licensing Division (DLD) hearings and in criminal court in the Salt Lake City area and surrounding communities, including juveniles facing alcohol-related charges such as minor in possession and underage DUI.

Learn more about Utah drunk driving laws and defense options:

You can count on our firm for a strong defense. We regularly advise other attorneys on critical issues in criminal law.

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