Animal Cruelty and Crush Videos

What are Animal Crush Videos?

So-called “animal crush videos” are films that purportedly depict animals being stepped on or tortured in various ways. “Hard crush” videos involve larger animals such as cats and birds, whereas “soft crush” videos typically involve small, usually invertebrate, animals.

What Actions Does the Animal Crush Law Ban?

Congress enacted the animal crush law to target a subgenre of adult fetish films involving women crushing animals with their feet. The law is so broadly written, however, that it can encompass any video depicting animal harm, including dog fighting videos.

The federal animal crush laws specifically ban media showing serious harm to mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Any photograph or video depicting the torture of these animals falls under the law. The law also bans the sale and distribution of animal torture videos.

The majority of “soft crush” videos appear to be adult films depicting women stomping on bugs and sometimes larger animals. The current federal animal crush laws cover mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, but not insects, so insect-crushing videos appear to be outside of federal bans on animal cruelty films.

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