Crimes on Federal Land

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When a crime occurs on federal land — for example, a federal park, a wildlife preserve, a military base or in a government building — the person who committed the act can face federal criminal charges, rather than state criminal charges.

This is significant. The penalty you could face in a federal criminal court can be much more severe than that in a state criminal court for the exact same crime.

Sometimes federal prosecutors choose to let the state bring the case. Sometimes it has to be prosecuted at the federal level because the offense is a violation of a federal regulation, but not a state law (for example, violations of rules that apply in federal parks).

Crimes on federal land can range from simple trespass on government property to drunk driving on a military base, from theft of government property in an office building to robbery of a post office.

Experienced State and Federal Defense Lawyers

If you’ve been arrested in connection with a crime committed on federal land, it’s wise to work with a lawyer who has experience in both state and federal court, who can defend you wherever your case is heard. We have attorneys with both law enforcement and prosecutorial experience, so you can rest assured we will know how to anticipate the other side’s moves and tactics.

The federal criminal defense lawyers at Greg Smith and Associates have more than two decades of experience protecting the rights of people in Utah facing criminal charges in federal court, including military personnel. We can defend you against these and other criminal charges for acts on federal land:

  • Arson on federal land
  • Drug crimes and drunk driving
  • Environmental crimes
  • Property theft and burglary
  • Vehicle, aircraft and boat theft

You can count on our firm for a strong defense. We regularly advise other attorneys on critical issues in criminal law.

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We protect the rights of people accused of crimes in Salt Lake City, Provo, Orem, Park City and surrounding communities in Utah. Contact a Salt Lake City federal crimes defense lawyer for a free initial consultation, or call 801-651-1512.

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