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Defense Against Protection Orders in Utah Courts

Obtaining a protection order (also called a restraining order) is a two-step process. The accused person seldom has a chance to prevent the temporary protection order from being issued by the court. At the first hearing, the judge will listen to the accuser’s side of the story and will usually grant the temporary order.

A second court hearing will take place relatively soon after the temporary order is granted. This is your opportunity for a defense. Be sure to take it because the consequences of a protection order are more far-reaching than you may realize.

At the Salt Lake City law office of Greg Smith and Associates, we advise clients to contact an attorney as soon as they know that another party is seeking a protection order. You can contact one of our Salt Lake City restraining order defense lawyers by emailing us or by calling 801-651-1512.

Too often, people wait until the last minute because they think there is nothing they can do, but a number of defense strategies could be available. We may have only a few weeks to prepare for your court appearance.

Call get a defense attorney working on your case.

Fighting Protection Orders

As defense lawyers, we know that what the accuser says and what actually happened can be miles apart. In the case of a protection order, we know from the information obtained for the temporary order what some of the allegations may be against the accused. As soon as you engage our law firm, we can begin investigating these claims. To build your defense against a protection order, we will:

  • Interview witnesses to the events of abuse, harassment or stalking that the accuser is alleging — it may not have occurred the way he or she said it did.
  • Interview witnesses who may be able to present another side of the case — for example, witnesses who can say that the accuser was with them and not with you on the day the alleged confrontation occurred, or someone who heard from the accuser that he or she intended to bring false charges against you
  • Seek character witnesses on your behalf
  • Obtain other evidence that you were not present or did not commit the acts you are accused of committing

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A domestic violence charge does not have to ruin your life and your future. Contact an SLC defense attorney at Greg Smith and Associates for a free initial consultation. We protect the rights of clients accused of domestic violence in Salt Lake City, Provo, Orem, Park City and surrounding communities in Utah.

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